Oujh Events Company is well known in UAE and Saudi Arabia for its specialization in scaffolding and structures. We as a professional events firm undertake installation of scaffolding structure for events and stages at all over the UAE and Saudi Arabia. We have constructed many scaffolding structures in UAE and Saudi Arabia for events, stages and Grand stands for various events theme purposes.

Our scaffolding work is extended to constructing sub-structures for seating grandstands, Camera Tower Platform, arches, award ceremony stage, tents & structures for Sporting Events, wedding ceremonies, Public Events, Concerts and Shows at attractive rates for events industry.

Oujh also facilitates its clients whether you choose to have small, efficient mobile staging equipment or a customized truss grid for large outdoor events, Oujh events is ready to help. Our products and services includes also a comprehensive seating, crowd control, and security solutions for events of all kinds and sizes. Adding on we also offer mobile stages of all sizes that are easily installed and removed.

Our expertise showcase a versatile and a unique scaffold structures that are suitable for a wide range of terrain types, including those where disturbing the ground is undesirable just to ensure that our team will ensure your desires for a perfect events to be fulfilled.

We combine the perfect elements to create an unforgettable event setup that is distinctly marked by your individual wishes and style among all other events organizers in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The attraction of our work is Oujh’s team originality and creativity which happens due to our passion and creative ideas in scaffolding structures so far. We ensure that we create extraordinary and wonderful events by working behind the scenes on every aspect of the events in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

This is all made possible by our expertise team immense experience and skills in scaffolding structures and in event planning and management, as well as our dedication in offering our clients the highest levels of service in the best possible way in all over the UAE and Saudi Arabia.