As a master’s of events organizers we also distinct our events with the provision of fancy lightening and also drones are used in a unique way in our events. We also use manual light tower, hydraulic light tower and solar towers for large scale events to make sure to avoid all kinds of disruption in the events.

Oujh in another word is an innovation driven event Management Company known for its creative designs and excellent production capabilities based on LED and lightening towers. Our track record includes playing host to a number of highly successful events, held both locally and internationally all over UAE and Saudi Arabia.

With wide ranging in house expertise we have the flexibility to quickly adapt to the demands of our clients wish list and we deal with it by providing a range of services including customized sets of banquet seating and LED lightening and scenery, draping to transform a venue and even furniture and décor to dress an event. Oujh’s professional technical support helps an event become technologically superior, impeccably finished and highly memorable for both clients and attendees. For clients requiring turnkey event production service, our team of professionals help in every phase of event planning step by step right from the design to the execution of every event and we are highly recognized and famed due to our services in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Alternatively we provide our best in every possible aspect either it is weddings lightening and banquets or of any formal event, we deliver the best out of our company and expertise and our specializations.